BSFinance Review

BSFinance ( is allegedly a British investment service that promises to turn your investment up to 6500% in 90days. Their official website is

BSFinance is considered not safe because BSFinance is a typical Ponzi scam that you to have stay away from, otherwise you are sure to lose money.

Yes, BSFinance is a scam. Now you may want to know why is BSFinance a scam, what makes BSFinance a scam, what is in real and so on, right? Well, you will definitely find out the answers to these queries here within our BS Finance review. So, you don’t have to search any other BS Finance reviews to find out its reality. OK, let’s begin with our BS Finance review.

What is BSFinance? Why is a scam?

BS Finance is a Ponzi scheme which already makes it a scam because the Ponzi scheme is an illegal and unsustainable scheme where the majority of members will lose their money at the end.

Well, let’s find out more about BSFinance as below.

BSFinance Review
BSFinance Review

BSFinance Review

BSFinance is a scam investment platform that offers investment online. There are handful of investments to choose; 2.1% daily/20 days, 2.5% daily/35 days, 3.5%daily/55 days. There are also what looks like long term term investment; 655%/25 days, 1500%/45 days, 3000%/60 days and 6500%/90 days.

In fact, no legitimate investment company can make you 2.1% daily, let alone thousands of percent per month. It is just impossible in real financial markets, cryptocurrencies are not an exception to this rule.

BSFinance Scam

When we see an online company selling investment services, we first check if it is legitimate or scam. The most important thing we look at is a valid license from regulatory bodies.

BSFinance is owned and operated by a company BSFinance Limited registered in UK. BSFinance is not authorized to sell financial services by the Financial Conduct Authority, which is the UK watchdog.

If you invest in a company that is not regulated, you are all alone because your funds are not insured or protected. You only depend on the integrity of those that run the company.

Compare BSFinance

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BS Finance



  • Investment website


  • Unlicensed (Fraud!)
  • Ponzi Scheme
  • No much details
  • Unrealistic return
  • Dishonest
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