BitElysium Review

BitElysium.Biz is a blatant scam that will run away with your money in the next couple of weeks. Given the company status and the deceptive presentation, we strongly believe that this platform is a high risk business venture that will drain your Bitcoin wallet. If you want to trade bitcoins, consider these companies instead.

We are absolutely 100% sure that Bit-Elysium is a ponzi scam where ROIs are based on deposits made by recruits. There is no trading of bitcoin here, and definitely the site does not prove that they have an external source of revenue for the alleged ridiculous returns.

Since these ROIs are unsustainable and no legitimate business can ever afford to pay 144% per month for any length of time, our belief is that BitElysium is only using such promises to lure investors into their trap. Once an investor has sent a small test deposit, the site might decide to pay or not to pay. If the site chooses to pay some return on investment, they will be doing to win the trust of a victim. When this victims deposits more money in the second round, they might decide to steal it.

If not, they will be paying some returns in the early stages. However, when their reserves start to dry out because they will at some point, then it means that the anonymous owner will have no other option apart from to run away with whatever funds they have accumulated.

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