Bitcoin Trade Robot Review

We do not like the way Bitcoin Trade Robot is being promoted. And secondly, we need a solid track record of performance to justify the price that this robot is being sold for, period! Meanwhile, we ask you to use these robots instead.

It cannot surprise you that Bitcoin Trade Robot is using fake testimonials to convince the naive trader. These testimonials are unreasonable and ridiculous. People making over 8k from a small investment of $250 is something we cannot believe. Moreover, these people claim that their win rate has been 75%.

bitcointraderobot testimonials

You do not need to look any further to confirm that their images are nothing but stock photos. Pick any image there and run the link on Google images. You will see that these folks are actually stock photos and not users of Bitcoin Trade Robot. There is no day these guys attempted any form of trading. And if they did, one thing is for sure: they are not users of Bitcoin Trade Robot.

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