Bitcoin Revolution Review

The good news is that Bitcoin Revolution software is doing everything they can to prove that they are a scam project. The other thing is that we are spotting these red flags bit by bit. Use our approved Cryptocurrency trading robots instead.

Bitcoin Revolution review

Bitcoin Revolution have teamed up with rogue brokers such as BTraders and KayaFX. You know what that means?

It means that anything can happen with your money. These brokers are often referred to us off-shore brokers. They are unregistered and unlicensed. The brokerages seem to be operated by a single man army. These brokerage websites look genuine at first. But when you deposit your money with them, they end up scamming you.

So Bitcoin Revolution has teamed up with such people to bring you the so-called winning Bitcoin robot. They want you to make a deposit with these brokers. And they are promising you 1k per hour.

Those income projections are unrealistic. Any financial expert would be baffled to realize that people are making 1k an hour with this robot. It is not possible.

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