BitBot Review

There are too good to be true promises on the BitBot website. Moreover, they mention guaranteed profitability of this trading system. If someone is promising you guaranteed profits from trading of any kind regardless of the asset, you should know that they are scammers wanting to prey on your money. But as with any other investment, profits shouldn’t be guaranteed.


BitBot Scam

Bitbot is hosted on a website whose owner cannot be traced, and that means everything about this operation is anonymous. Don’t forget. These guys want you to deposit any amount starting $10. They are promising daily profits which can be withdrawn at any time. This is clearly an interesting thing. It is either you have found a free source of revenue for life or are about to get scammed.

The sucker is just hiding behind a computer and using a website with anonymous ownership to spread false claims. Bitbot isn’t exactly what we are expecting to use. We can never recommend this trading system.

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