Bit4G Review

We want to warn you that Bit4G have no good intentions other than to scam you. You should probably run away as fast as your legs can carry you. Don’t dangle your Bitcoins on their eyes as they have come up with convincing tactics of defrauding the public. You can invest with these  trading platforms instead.

bit4g review

Bit4G Scam

During our review of Bit4G, we tested their profitability calculator with a $100 investment in 30 days. Based on a return on investment figure of 39%, an investment of $100 would yield $39 monthly profit.

Now, clearly this is not trading, mining, lending or any of those things. This is clearly something else which we might not be able to figure out. But one thing is clear anyway. That Bit 4G is designed to make money for the owner alone. The investor will always be left with nothing to celebrate about.


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