Bit codes Review

Our best advice is that you should avoid Bit Codes since it is a project that was put up by scammers. They have not mention their trading strategies. They have not even told us what this software is about to do. But they are expecting us to fund their project in the name of using the software to make more money. This does not make sense.

Review Verdict – Bit Codes Scam

There is nothing like becoming a millionaire overnight with a few clicks. The best robots don’t make 100% returns in a month. You better start slowly and gently work your way upwards.

One of the testimonials suggests that a user made 100K in their first 47 days of trading with the scam robot. You know that making such enormous amounts of money in a short period of time is not possible.

This is trading, and like any other business, people don’t make a fortune overnight. Since Bit Code is alleging that people become rich overnight through the use of this robot, we can only conclude that it is a get rich quick scam and a shameless copy cat of an infamous scam.

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