Binary Breakouts Review

Binary Breakouts website has compiled false statements, promises and advice to intentionally deceive.

Thankfully, we basted them in the act, and no one can say that this website is not manipulating its visitors to sign up to something that is obviously a fraud..

The bottom line is that Binary Breakouts software is being peddled by investment hustlers who know nothing about trading binary options.

Trusting such people is a dangerous game as it could see you losing your entire life savings. Just stick to the systems which we recommend here instead.

The ”About” section of the website mentions a totally different robot. This clearly shows that whoever was copy-pasting this information onto the website didn’t realize that he was making a mistake.

The most likely scenario here is that they lifted off that information from a rival website and copy-pasted it on theirs. However, they forgot to change the name AutoTradingRobot to Binary Breakouts robot.

And in this case, we do not need more evidence to realize that we are being sold a raw deal.

But for the sake of their convenience, let’s give a quick highlight of what they said here.

The explanation was that Binary Breakouts or Auto Trading Robot uses their patent-pending trigger technology to identify price patterns and changes.

They falsely declare that this technology seeks to eliminate the issue of latency in auto-trading robots.

In the end, we are supposed to enter our trades at the best entry price possible.

However, you realize that the biggest problem with this statement is that it describes another robot and not Binary Breakouts system.

It beats logic why that explanation is being used to market another robot.

This is clearly confusion, and is working to their disadvantage. And chances are that they run so many websites that it is very difficult for them to pick out errors whenever they are done with putting up these kind of sites.

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