Big Forex Players EA Review

The Big Forex Players EA, founded by Marzena Maria Szmit, claims to be a cutting-edge trading robot designed to enhance trading potential and minimize emotional trading. However, this product falls short of its promises and raises several concerns that potential traders should be aware of before considering its purchase.

Big Forex Players EA

Big Forex Players Review

The Big Forex Players EA boasts an impressive list of features, including diverse strategies, trading with banks, indicators, robots, and signals. However, the reality behind these features is far from revolutionary. The combination of these strategies seems more like a hodgepodge of tactics rather than a well-thought-out approach. Moreover, the promise of incorporating the “best forex signals service” is vague and unconvincing, given the lack of concrete details or evidence.

Big Forex Player EA Interface
Trading Interface

Trading Strategy

While the EA claims to utilize four different trading strategies, the lack of transparency about the inner workings of these strategies raises serious doubts. The absence of detailed explanations or historical performance data for each strategy undermines the credibility of this product. Additionally, the inability to test the strategies using historical data due to real-time data requirements is concerning. This means that potential users are left blindly trusting the EA’s effectiveness without any verifiable evidence.


The supposed benefits of the Big Forex Players EA include risk management tools and global compatibility with MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms. However, the risk management tools are vaguely described, and there’s no clarity on how they function to protect capital. As for global compatibility, it’s a standard feature for most trading robots, so it’s not a unique selling point for this particular EA.

Limited Offer and Bonus

The marketing strategy of limiting sales to 1000 units and creating a private group for members might give a false sense of exclusivity. This tactic can be interpreted as a way to create artificial scarcity and pressure potential buyers into making hasty decisions. The promise of a “special gift” for the first 100 buyers feels more like a gimmick to entice purchases rather than a legitimate value-added benefit.

Support and Setup

While the EA claims to offer dedicated support and assistance with setup, relying solely on customer support for using a trading robot is not a sustainable approach. A lack of comprehensive documentation, historical performance data, or a transparent explanation of the underlying trading strategies can leave users feeling lost and dependent on external help.


The Big Forex Players EA comes with a hefty price tag of $1299. Given the lack of verifiable performance data, unconvincing trading strategies, and the absence of in-depth explanations, this price seems inflated and unreasonable. Other reputable trading robots on the market often provide more transparency and proven results at a lower cost.


The Big Forex Players EA founded by Marzena Maria Szmit presents itself as a revolutionary trading robot but fails to deliver on its promises. The lack of transparency, verifiable performance data, and vague explanations of the trading strategies raise significant concerns about its effectiveness. With a high price tag and a marketing strategy that relies on exclusivity and bonuses, potential traders are advised to exercise caution and thoroughly research other trading solutions before considering this product.

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