Automic Trader EA Review


In this review we reveal that Automic Trader EA is an untrustworthy Forex robot and it does not matter what is the offer or promise.

Automic Trader Review

Automic Trader is a fully automated trading software that enters and closes trades on your behalf while you sleep. It trades multiple times a day using 6 currency pairs.

The robot allegedly identifies the early start of trends on each of these pairs based on momentum and volatility. It utilizes a dynamic auto adapting trade management system to manage trades into profit.

Automic Trader allegedly will multiply your annual income up to 9 times over and put
you on the path to your dream life. But is it true, is it legit, can you really trust it?

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Automic Trader EA Review

Should Someone trust Automic Trader

Automic Trader is not a good system due to the combination of risky trading approaches. It can cause a high drawdown and complete liquidation of your account.

EA Breakdown

Type: Forex Robot

Strategy: Trend


Price: $497

The EA is available in two renting options. A one year membership that costs $497 and a lifetime membership that costs $697. Both packages offer the software algorithm, free updates, full customer support, best recommendations, 30 day money back guarantee, $100 bonus guarantee.

Automic Trader renting

Automic Trader Results

The vendor provided a verified trading account on This account shows trade performance for a duration between April 2021 till date. So far, the robot has managed to make +216.99%. The system made an average monthly gain of 15.01%, with a drawdown of 32.95%. 

The account shows a win rate of 77%. The best trade was $139.97, while the worst was -$146.04.

Automic Trader EA Result

While the robot has completed over 267 trades, trading history shows typical grid and martingale trading approach.

Automic Trader EA Result2

The current drawdown of the system is relatively high due to the implementation of risky trading approaches.


Automic Trader is an untrustworthy forex robot that works based on a risky trading approach. We don’t recommend Automic Trader because it can be harmful to our live account.

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Automic Trader Expert Avisor


Trading Result











  • myfxbook result
  • Installation guide


  • Fake claims
  • Poor strategy insight
  • High drawdown
  • Few result samples
  • High pricing

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