Aura Rocket EA Review

Aura Rocket is a new Forex robot that was developed with machine learning and hyperparameter search technology. The software was first published by Stanislav Tomilov on 1 February, 2022.

Currently, the robot is running on version 2.1 for MT5/MT4 platform and was last updated 24 March, 2022.

The Aura Rocket robot costs about $995 to purchase a full license. Other rental options are available. With $595, you can rent a license for 6months. A license allows for 10 activations.

The Aura Rocket robot opens trade mainly in the direction of trend.

Aura Rocket EA Review

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Should you trade with Aura Rocket EA?

  • The robot is a trend based expert advisor that protects trade using stop loss
  • The system does not make use of dangerous money management methods like
    Martingale, grid algorithm, averaging, scalping or arbitrage.
  • The entry point has been refined.
  • Several auxiliary proprietary indicators have been added.
  • Not very sensitive to broker conditions
  • FIFO compatible
  • FTMO suitable
  • News filter control
  • Spread filter settings

There are 3 ways of using the expert advisor depending on the amount of risk you can take. A low risk mode activates a hard stop loss mechanism that protects trade.

Aura Rocket is recommended for the XAUUSD pair on a H1 timeframe. Minimum deposit requirement is $100 and minimum leverage required is 1:100.

Software Backtest

The vendor presented a backtesting result screenshot for the XAUUSD pair. The test was  done with 100% tick quality. Total trades selected was 305.

Aura Rocket Backtest

The initial deposit was $1000 and so far the robot made a total net profit of 2886686.62. Maximum drawdown is 17.58% and the EA shows an outstanding 22 consecutive wins.

Aura Rocket EA Result

The Aura Rocket EA has a live signals account running in the MQL5 platform for over 10 weeks starting this year. This account is hosted on the weltrade broker platform.

Aura Rocket Result

This account was started with a $100 deposit and so far the robot has managed to grow the account by 34%. Total net profit is $33.26. The vendor has added a $1.36 refill making the total account balance to be $134.62. Maximum drawdown is whooping 65%.

Aura Rocket result1

The number of trades completed by this robot is 53. The EA makes approximate 6 trades per week.

Best trade is $25.50 and the worst trade made by this robot is -$120.38. Total profits gained is $458.01 while the total loss made is -$424.75.


Aura Rocket robot boasts of refined entry points and use of hard stop loss mechanism to protect trades.

Contrary to what we see on the backtest result, the robot does not look promising a real account. The backtest results looks and feels like something that was hugely optimized to show profitable trades.

Also a drawdown of 65% is totally unacceptable – there is a possibility of wiping an entire account balance within a short time.

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Aura Rocket Expert Advisor


Trading Result











  • Performance result
  • User friendly


  • Poor strategy insight
  • High drawdown
  • No verified result
  • High pricing
  • Unsustainable income

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