Aura Eclipse EA Review

Aura Eclipse EA is a fully automated trading system designed to operate in the evening and night hours. Utilizing machine learning deep neural network analysis and smart scalping algorithms, this EA aims to capitalize on currency trading opportunities. The system employs Keras, a deep learning API written in Python and based on the TensorFlow machine learning platform. It has demonstrated stability in its results since 2003 and avoids risky money management strategies like martingale, grid, or hedge.

Aura Eclipse Expert Advisor (EA)

Aura Eclipse EA Review

The Aura Eclipse EA, created by Stanislav Tomilov, is an automated trading system utilizing machine learning and scalping algorithms for evening and night-time currency trading. The EA avoids risky money management strategies, focusing on hard stop losses and take profits for each position. Despite its appeal, potential buyers should be cautious about the upcoming price increase and consider broker-related execution variations.


The Aura Eclipse EA boasts several notable features:

  1. Deep Learning Mechanism: The EA employs a deep machine learning mechanism using Keras, a powerful and widely used deep learning framework. This technology allows the system to analyze and adapt to market conditions efficiently.
  2. Stable Performance: The EA has exhibited consistent results since 2003, suggesting a degree of reliability and longevity in its performance.
  3. Safe Money Management: Unlike some risky trading strategies, Aura Eclipse avoids dangerous methods such as martingale, grid, or hedge. It utilizes hard stop loss and take profit levels for each position, aiming to manage risk effectively.
  4. Easy Installation: The EA comes with integrated settings, making installation and setup straightforward even for users with limited technical expertise.
  5. FIFO Compatibility: The EA is designed to be compatible with FIFO (First-In-First-Out) rules, which can be essential for traders operating under certain regulatory environments.
  6. FTMO Suitability: The EA is deemed suitable for FTMO, a popular proprietary trading firm that evaluates and funds traders based on their performance. This suggests that the strategy aligns with the evaluation criteria of such programs.

Trading Strategy

The Aura Eclipse EA employs a scalping strategy that focuses on the M5 timeframe. It targets specific currency pairs, including AUDCAD, AUDNZD, CADCHF, GBPCHF, and NZDCAD.

Aura Eclipse Strategy Tester Result
Aura Eclipse Strategy Tester Result

The EA utilizes machine learning and neural network analysis to identify potential trading opportunities during the evening and night hours, aiming to capitalize on short-term price movements.


  • The use of machine learning and neural networks implies a sophisticated approach to market analysis, potentially allowing the EA to adapt to changing market conditions more effectively.
  • The avoidance of risky money management techniques like martingale and grid could be appealing to traders seeking a more conservative approach to risk.
  • The demonstrated stable performance since 2003 adds to the credibility of the system’s reliability.


The Aura Eclipse EA, founded by Stanislav Tomilov, presents itself as a fully automated trading system that harnesses machine learning and smart scalping algorithms. Its emphasis on stable performance since 2003 and avoidance of risky money management strategies could attract traders looking for a more conservative approach to trading.

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