Aura Black Edition EA Review

The Aura Black Edition EA, developed by Stanislav Tomilov, is a fully automated trading system designed specifically for trading GOLD (XAUUSD). While the EA claims stable performance from 2011 to 2020 and emphasizes its responsible approach to money management, a closer examination of its features, trading strategy, benefits, and considerations reveals both positive and negative aspects that potential buyers should consider.

Aura Black Edition EA

Aura Black Edition EA Review

The Aura Black Edition EA boasts the absence of risky trading methods like martingale, grid, and scalping, indicating a focus on responsible trading practices. This feature is a positive aspect as it aligns with the principles of risk management, but it’s important to note that the absence of these strategies does not guarantee profitability on its own. The lack of detailed information about alternative trading strategies or risk diversification could be a drawback.

Aura Black Edition Trading Strategy

The EA employs a multilayer perceptron (MLP) neural network, which is an innovative approach to trading. However, the EA’s description of this strategy lacks specificity, leaving potential buyers without a clear understanding of how the neural network operates, how it adapts to changing market conditions, and how it differentiates itself from conventional strategies. The absence of this information might raise concerns for informed decision-making.

Aura Black EA Algorithm
Aura Black Algorithm

EA Benefits

The Aura Black Edition EA provides hard stop loss and take profit levels for each position, highlighting a commitment to risk management. Its claimed insensitivity to broker conditions is another advantage, as it suggests adaptability to different trading environments. These features contribute to a sense of control over trading outcomes.

Trading Considerations

The EA’s price point of $1750 (with limited copies available at this price) is a significant investment, and the impending increase to $2295 adds to the financial commitment. While cost alone doesn’t determine a trading tool’s effectiveness, it does raise expectations for consistent and substantial performance. The absence of comprehensive live trading results in real-time conditions raises questions about the EA’s actual performance beyond historical backtests.


The Aura Black Edition EA offers a mixed bag of features and considerations. Its focus on responsible trading methods, neural network strategy, and adaptability to different brokers is commendable. However, the lack of transparency about the neural network’s functionality, the absence of live trading results, and the significant price tag warrant careful consideration. Potential buyers should conduct further research and seek more information about the EA’s performance under real trading conditions before making a decision. As with any trading tool, due diligence is essential to assess its suitability for individual trading goals and risk tole

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