ATrader App Review

Bewarned, ATrader App or the website’s operation isn’t licensed. To professionally operate an asset management company, you must find a license. Otherwise, you are either operating a criminal enterprise knowingly or unknowingly. We want to believe that scammers are not stupid. So they are definitely doing something they know. To avoid putting yourself in a financial risk, use these trading robots instead.

A Trader App review

ATrader Scam

ATrader App is allegedly a product of a corporation called Aria Investments. Aria Investments is a company that does not exist. That’s the first mistake they made, thinking that we would not find out.

However, ”Bradbury” claims to be the CEO of this company. How can he be the CEO of a company that does not exist?

That is what has baffled us most. This company allegedly develops automated trading solutions for clients who want to trade Cryptocurrencies. But it’s quite unfortunate that this claim was made up. There is no such company. And definitely there is no such person called Matthew Bradbury, head of Aria Investments.

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