Argument EA Review

Argument EA claims to offer a range of features to enhance trading flexibility and protect investments. However, upon closer inspection, this Expert Advisor falls short of expectations and may not be suitable for serious traders. In this review, we will delve into the features, trading strategy, as well as the benefits and considerations of using this EA.

Argument EA MT4

Argument EA Review

The Argument EA is marketed as an expert-scalper Forex robot, which suggests that it is designed for traders looking to make quick profits from short-term price movements. It offers various parameters for customization, including protective functions and risk management features.

Argument EA Parameters

The EA boasts several features, including stop loss and take profit orders for every position, flexible trailing stop options, and control over spread and slippage. It is also compatible with multiple timeframes and instruments, allowing users to trade on different assets simultaneously. While these features may seem promising on the surface, their practical utility is questionable.

Argument EA Trading Strategy

The trading strategy of the Argument EA is not clearly defined. It is supposed to be a scalping robot, but the lack of specific details about the indicators or algorithms used raises concerns about its effectiveness. Traders need transparency when it comes to the strategies employed by their trading tools, and the vagueness surrounding this EA is a major drawback.


  1. Flexible Parameter Settings: The EA does offer a range of customizable parameters, which can be appealing to traders who want to tailor their trading experience to some extent.
  2. Stop Loss and Take Profit: The inclusion of stop loss and take profit levels is a basic yet essential feature for risk management in trading.


  1. Lack of Strategy Transparency: The Argument EA fails to provide clear insight into its trading strategy. Traders are left in the dark about how their positions are being managed, making it difficult to trust the EA’s decision-making process.
  2. No Money Management: While the EA claims to avoid dangerous money management methods, it lacks a detailed explanation of its money management strategy. Traders need assurance that their capital will be protected.
  3. Recommendation Bias: The default settings are geared toward trading the EUR/USD pair, which may not suit all traders. Additionally, it suggests using brokers with low spread and fast execution, limiting the options for traders who may have different preferences or constraints.
  4. Limited Information: The provided information about the EA is sparse, with no indication of its historical performance or backtesting results. This lack of data makes it challenging to assess the EA’s potential profitability.


Argument EA by Aleksandr Shurgin may disappoint traders looking for a reliable and transparent trading tool. Its lack of strategy transparency, limited risk management details, and bias toward specific trading conditions raise significant concerns.

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