Aqua Forex Trading Review

Aqua Forex Trading is a new Forex expert advisor with an undisclosed strategy. It is unknown who the developers of the software are, or where they are located.

To get in touch with support, traders can email [email protected].

With a high price tag, and very little information about the strategy, you’d think that the Aqua Forex Trading results would make up for this by blowing us out of the water. Yet, they do not, in fact, they do very little for us at all.

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Aqua Forex Trading Review

There is not much information about this software. Clients are promised a get-rich strategy that will make money within a short time of signing up with this EA. The EA trades on the H1 time frame and works specifically on EURCHF, GBPUSD, and EURUSD Forex pairs.

The price to get a single license of this strategy is $298.

Aqua Forex Trading is a Scam – Warning about anonymous professionals!

100% Verified Forex Trading Robot

It is not a new thing that there are several reasons why traders prefer robots over manual trading, for example, robots do not have emotions while humans can make mistakes because of greed and emotional behavior. Similarly, some EAs are able to trade round the clock, they neither get tired nor make any mistakes and we know very well that in Forex trading, high exposure to the financial markets means high profitability.

Waka Waka EA is an automated trading software that has a proven history of generating winning trades. It uses advanced algorithms and risk management strategies for placing automated trades. The performance of this robot has been extensively tested and optimized by its developers, see here.

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