Anonymous Trade Review

Anonymous Trade at Anony.Trade is a scam. Now that we have warned you about ‘Live in Freedom’ scam, we expect you to take this warning very seriously. While you’re at liberty to use any robot you feel is good for you, it doesn’t always make sense to ignore warnings which could end up costing you dearly.

Avoid scams. Our extensive research reveals that these binary options robots have the best and realistic win rates in the market. Maybe this could be a good starting point for investors who are seriously looking to make money with options trading.

Anonymous Trade scam

First of all, the website uses a wrong approach. It manipulates by first putting fear in you. Once they’ve grabbed you by the balls, they know that you can listen and follow them every step of the way.

It’s illegal to hack systems regardless of whether or not they are related to financial institutions.

Secondly, I doubt the claims that hackers are involved. If this was the case (that the stock market servers were hacked), all trading would be stopped until this is fixed.

If the masses were aware of what would happen in the markets 4 minutes in advance, everyone would be rich because this software is ”free” and is being distributed to every poor citizen who needs to be rescued from the impoverishing jaws of the financial institutions and governments that control them.

The economy would stall because everyone is a millionaire. It’s idiotic to just make $1,000 a day when you have the secret of the stock market, every minute of the day. Why make $1,000 when you can make $1,000,000 or more a day? This narrative is simply nonsensical.

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