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Alno Trade is an automated trading vendor that first started in 2019 as Project Scope and Framework. In 2020, the team metamorphosed into and later rebranded to AlnoTrade in April 2020 for MT4 autotrading robots and managed accounts. Dragon Scalper is currently the frontline product of this team and is said to be the ”Ultimate Trading Warrior”. Together with their other automated trading software – EscalpX50, Daxbot V2 and SterlingXP, Alno Trade claims to offer complete automated strategy. Alno Trade Team The Alno Trade teams comprises of Matts Korsen, Claire Hancock, Michael McAlpine. Matts Korsen is said to be the senior trading developer, engineer and head programmer. Claire Hancock is incharge of marketing, sales and support. Michael McAlpine is the currency trader and strategist. We are wondering if this information is real. First of all, the owners of Alno Trade are using fake pictures to represent themselves online. Their trading history cannot be verified because the sales page is not giving any real trading history apart from a stock photo snippet published on their homepage purporting to display real personality. This is potentially a scam Forex robot. Those red flags are too glaring to ignore.

Alno Trade Review

The Alno Trade expert advisors come with 3 core performance values to blow your mind – Profit Every Month, Choose Your Own Risk and has a clear trading plan. The developer claims that Alno Trade is a ”100% Automated AI generated Trading Signals, Zero Decision making.” and every EA comes packed way more than just a software. Alno Trade Review On top of that, the sales page displays multiple trading results but we always see a form of deception each time we take look at majority of their result statistics. For your best results, you should use more than one of the best Forex robots in market at the same time.

Alno Trade Expert Advisors

Here are the fully automated trading systems offered by the Alno Trade team.

Dragon Scalper – GBPJPY Expert Advisor Alno Trade EA Review EscalperX50 – GBPUSD Scalper

Daxbot V2 – For most major indices

SterlingXP – Automated GBPUSD pair EA  

Dragon Scalper: Dragon works on the M5 Chart of the GBPJPY pair and the strategy is based on specific support and resistance levels. Dragon Scalper cost $199/year for 2 live accounts.

EscalperX50: eScalpX50 is a price breakout scalper that works on M5 timeframe for the GBPUSD currency pair. Price is $299 or free via broker partnership.

Daxbot V2: Works on the 1min chart for most major indices using a trailing stop function. Daxbot is currently selling at $299.

SterlingXP:  SterlingXP follows the trend and works on the M30 timeframe for GBPUSD. Price of sterlingXP is $299/year for 2 live accounts

Software Results

The vendor provided trading result from You will see link to verified trading performance for the Dragon Scalper, EscalperX50, Daxbot and the SterlingXP on However it appears that the people behind these software are out for deception. Alno Trade Results This is a account for the DragonScalper EA. This account depicts a total gain of +402.43% with an absolute gain of just +49.23%. Naturally, the total gain is supposed to be the same with absolute gain from the market like what you will see in our review of the Bounce Trader EA. When you see a wide difference between the total gain and absolute gain, you should know that the vendor is depositing more money into the equity curve. That shows that the majority of the gains are not coming from practical trading activity. Also you will notice that this vendor kept a lot of parameters private to themselves. You cannot actually see the equity, profits, balance, total deposit and withdrawals on your own.


If you’re not careful, you may think that the vendor has done a good job by providing a account but in the true sense, the figures are inflated and total gain is manipulated. What’s more, we cannot forget the fact Alno Trade is trying to deceive us by using commercial stock photos to represent the team behind these software. Alno Trade is just a big scam. Traders cannot spend $200 on a Forex robot when there’s nothing being offered in exchange for their wallets. Thanks for reading the Alno Trade review. If you have any comments or feedback, please write them in the comment section.

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