Airdrop Cash Review

Airdrop Cash is a cloud mining and investment site that claims to make between 7%-14% net daily returns. Official site is

The owner details of Airdrop Cash is completely hidden. No one knows who and from where is operating these scam sites.

Now you are clear either is Airdrop Cash a scam or a legit, what is AirdropCash in real. However, you will find out more details on AirdropCash within our Airdrop Cash review here. However, after knowing the fact that AirdropCash is a scam, if you don’t want to find out more details on it, but instead want to find out the real opportunities to make money online, then you can find the list of legit mining companies by clicking this link:-

However, among those listed legit online work companies, our No.1 recommendation is IQMining about which you can find the details by clicking link:-

OK, now let’s continue with our review to find out what is Airdrop Cash in real so that you will be more clear why is Airdrop Cash a scam.

Airdrop Cash Review
Airdrop Cash Review

Airdrop Cash Review

Airdrop Cash is purporting to mine cryptocurrency for you automatically that will yield profits. There are three investment plans according to daily returns as above. The 4.45% HOURLY INTEREST plan requires a deposit of $10-$10,000, the 4.58% HOURLY INTEREST plan requires $25-$50,000 deposit and the 4.7% HOURLY INTEREST plan requires a deposit of $100-$70,000.

You see, crypto prices are generally in the lower half of their ranges, which makes life of miners difficult. Depending on your electricity cost it could even be impossible to achieve profits right know. For anybody it takes at least months to break even.

Airdrop Cash Scam

When we review an online investment to know whether it is legitimate or scam, we calculate their ROI to see whether it is realistic or just a ponzi.

Airdrop Cash promises a return on investment of 7% or 14% daily net in crypto mining. This would equal to hundreds of percent per month, which in fact is impossible in any legitimate business.

Airdrop Cash probably tries to run a Ponzi scheme in which some of the deposits are redistributed on first profits, so that people think it works and invest more.

Compare Airdrop Cash

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If you have invested with this service, please share your experience with other investors in the comment section below.

Airdrop Cash










Customer Support



  • Professional website


  • Unrealistic ROI
  • Probably Ponzi
  • No background details
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