Adam for FTMO EA Review

The Adam for FTMO EA, developed by Vyacheslav Izvarin, claims to be a groundbreaking fusion of cutting-edge AI technology and 17 years of trading experience. Marketed as a tool to help traders pass FTMO challenges and cater to Brokers and Prop Firms, it seems promising on the surface. However, a closer look reveals several concerning aspects.

Adam for FTMO Expert Advisor (EA)

Should someone trust Adam for FTMO EA?

The Adam for FTMO EA, developed by Vyacheslav Izvarin, claims to combine ChatGPT technology with 17 years of trading experience to help traders pass FTMO challenges. However, the EA lacks transparency regarding its trading strategy and provides little insight into the actual role of AI in its development. Its rigid default parameters, limited currency pair focus, and vague benefit claims raise doubts about its effectiveness and reliability.


One of the selling points of this EA is its use of ChatGPT technology, but this aspect is hardly explored in the product. The developer talks about brainstorming ideas and receiving code from AI, but there’s no clear explanation of how this technology is integrated or how it enhances the trading strategy. It leaves users wondering about the actual contribution of AI to this EA.

The EA’s default parameters are set for a Challenge of $100,000, limiting its flexibility for traders with different account sizes. Users must manually adjust parameters for their specific account size, which can be inconvenient and prone to errors.

Trading Strategy

The trading strategy is shrouded in mystery. The developer mentions debates about strategy and indicators but provides no concrete details about the approach taken. Without transparency on the strategy, it’s challenging for users to trust the EA’s decision-making process. What indicators are used? What’s the risk management strategy? These critical questions remain unanswered.

Moreover, the EA is tested only on EURUSD and GBPUSD on a 15-minute time frame. Such a narrow focus limits its adaptability to different market conditions and currency pairs. A robust trading system should be versatile and adaptable.

Adam for FTMO Setup


The benefit claims made by the developer are vague and unsubstantiated. While the EA is marketed as a tool to help traders pass FTMO challenges, there is no guarantee of profits.

The risk management tools are mentioned but not elaborated upon, leaving users in the dark about how their capital will be protected. Transparency is crucial in trading, and the lack of information about risk management is concerning.

Additionally, the developer suggests that steps 1-5 in their development process can take weeks and may yield no positive results. This implies a high level of uncertainty and inconsistency in the product’s performance.


Adam for FTMO EA raises several red flags. The lack of transparency regarding its trading strategy, limited adaptability to different market conditions, and vague benefit claims make it difficult to trust this product. Traders should exercise caution and thoroughly research before considering this EA for their trading needs.

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