8BinaryRobot Review

8BinaryRobot at 8BinaryRobot.com is the latest app to join the hall of shame. It is an outright scam that seeks to fleece your wallet since that is what they know best.

8BinaryRobot generates ‘winning signals’ with an amazing 91% win rate. This does not bother us much because we already know that such claims can never be proved with evidence. However, we do recon that providing winning signals is considered as giving investment or financial advice. To be able to run such a service, one needs a license. Their activities have to be regulated by a financial authority.

But in this case, we only have ‘winning signals’ delivered onto your dashboard yet they do not have the license to do so. This amounts to fraud.

Our best advise for you

After conducting an investigation to ascertain the legitimacy of 8BinaryRobot, we have concluded that nothing looks good here.

It is clear that this service was launched with the aim of looting. The domain was registered recently. We do not even know the owner of this robot because their true identity is hidden.

There are of course words here and there which try to convince us that 8BinaryRobot is a legitimate operation. However, the current red flags cannot be ignored. The promise of fast cash rewards for doing nothing is the number one indication that 8BinaryRobot is a scam.

So what do you need to do now? You need to steer clear from the path of this robot. Once you have done that, check out this list of verified trading robots. Then pick any of the robots that shall please you.

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