4X Royal Review

4X Royal is a Forex and CFD broker that claims to have offices in Switzerland, UK and Singapore but they are not licensed in those jurisdictions. Infact, 4X Royal is actually a Fraud!

Most of the firms involved in offering financial services like brokerage platform, investment plans and mining contracts are all regulated. Of course they are a few unregulated firms as well but they do not get much customers as many people prefer to work with regulated counterparts only as the number of scams and losses caused by fake platforms are skyrocketing.

4X Royal represents a brokerage firm which allow people to deposit money for trading numerous assets types. 4X Royal issues investing, trading, wealth management, investing advisory, smart portfolio and advisor network which gives the right to collect specified amount of profits to the investors after the predetermined time period.

When we were checking whether 4X Royal is legally competent to operate in this way, we could not find any factor giving $X Royal the authorization to play around with the money of the investors. Here are the contact details they have provided on their platform:

  • Singapore

  • Address: Space, 4, Leng Kee Road #06-07 SiS Building Singapore 159088
  • E-mail : [email protected]

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4X Royal Review




Trading Platform


Assets and Leverage







  • Excellent Asset Coverage
  • Excellent Leverage
  • Acceptable Spread
  • Acceptable Minimum Deposit


  • Unlicensed (Fraud!)
  • Completely Anonymous
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