365 Bitcoin Trader Review

365 Bitcoin Trader is for suckers who are not afraid to lose money. After the reputation of this website and also seeing that it is a full blown scam, one cannot know these details and choose to get scammed anyway. Use these trading bots to make money safely without taking unnecessary risks.

Note: Some viral illegal investment advice service, we recommend staying away are Crypto Trader Elite and GT Accelerator.

365 Bitcoin Trader

It is very simple. And somehow all of these scams work the same way. They are associated with unregulated brokers and sometimes are run by the brokers themselves. When depositors sign up for the robot for free, they will be forced to choose the broker that the scammer will recommend. There is no using the software with your own preferred broker. And if you choose to go that route, the scammers will tell you that it is not possible to use their robot.

But why, yet they have said that 365 Bitcoin Trader is free? It’s simple. They are getting paid commissions for every client that is sent to the broker. They must target those who don’t know how to trade and convince them that they can make 13k per day trading with the robot.

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