1000 Bitcoin Trading Robot Review

This review is focusing on 1000 Bitcoin Robot, a Bitcoin Trading Software that has just been released by an unknown entity. They said that 1000 Bitcoin Robot has made 600% profit in a year, because it automatically tells you when price of bitcoin may rise or fall. He goes ahead to give us a few screenshots of the alleged profits that were realized from trading using the 1000 Bitcoin Trading Robot.

The 1000 Bitcoin Robot costs $147 and is said to have the ability to change your life. They owners claims that if you bought it yesterday for example, you would be swimming in money now. Throughout the screenshots that he has published on this landing page, there are instances where he claims this robot made 600% profit in 12 months.

But 1000 Bitcoin Robot is anonymous and not regulated. This is a problem as we can see in other viral scam like Crypto Trader Elite and GT Accelerator overseeing what is going on. And 1000 Bitcoin Robot cannot provide its signals legally in any country that regulates investment advice.

So the question is, can we trust this robot that it will change our lives as traders looking to make money off the markets?

1000 Bitcoin Trading Robot Scam

Now, let’s remember this fact. If anyone promises you easy and fast money in trading, he must be a liar, right? If you look at this landing page, it suggests that  1000 Bitcoin Robot is making fast and easy money and that people can become rich overnight by purchasing and using this indicator.

What we are seeing here is just too good to be true. We believe that if this product was really making a lot of money in a short period of time, The owner would probably sell it for a billion bucks. After all, no one can release his secret of making money for free.

It also bothers us when we see the vendor claiming that  1000 Bitcoin Robot will change your life when he is opting to sell his robot instead of trading with them on his own.

If this product was really profitable, we believe that he would not be distributing it on the internet. He would be using them for himself rather than selling them for a cheap price. So this means that 1000 Bitcoin Robot is a very suspicious product.

How it’s supposed to work

The developer says that 1000 Bitcoin Robot carefully analyse the price movement of crypto currencies, searching for the optimum trading opportunities. This system is designed to be easy to install and use, so that even a beginner can benefit from the complex analytics that has gone into developing the system. This is a trading edge that the best performing Forex traders out there know how to utilize. However, rest assured that this indicator will never predict the onset of trends with that kind of accuracy.

There is just not enough information to support this assertion. The other thing that the vendor does is to show us fictitious trading results as confessed in the disclaimer page.

They said that these trading results are fictitious, yet at the same time using those screenshots to tell us that 1000 Bitcoin Robot is really profitable. Who is fooling who?

By the way, by selling this kind of product to the public, The vendor is giving illegal investment advice. Anybody who buys this trading indicator will lose the $147 plus his trading account as well. The probably of suffering a loss here is 100%. We have no doubt about it. Review

Our best advise for you

The truth is that 1000 Bitcoin Robot is just another scam robot out there. That is why They are selling it for $147. They know that the only way to make money with this bogus trading robot would be to sell it instead of using it for trading. It is being sold as a magic trading indicator that can identify the onset of trends with the greatest accuracy rate ever seen. You have to choose whether you’ll make money or lose money to this bogus indicator.


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